Computer Universe Theory
Computer Universe Theory

Computer Universe Theory

By Dr. Sol Adoni


Does a 6 or 10 Dimensional AI Computer

Run our Universe?

In 1976 Dr. Adoni first theorized a 6 Dimensional Computer Language.

He theorized a computer could process data in Cubic Bytes.

Such a computer would have 6 Dimensional Logic.

Our Universe could exist inside it.

Dr. Adoni formed numerous software companies in his career including HelixQ an AI Think Tank.

At HelixQ Dr. Adoni theorized a decagram byte of data.

It can create a 10 dimensional computer language.

Our 3D Universe could exist inside either a 6 or 10 dimensional computer.

Over his career Dr. Adoni has theorized many new laws in math and physics.

The Prime Algorithm 1)

PDF – Planetary Distance Formula 2)

EOE – Elliptical Orbit Effect 3)

He has written over 100 books and academic papers.

Dr. Adoni has just released his newest book

Computer Universe Theory


In it he reveals how our AI Computer Universe

Is revealing itself to humanity

It’s attempt to communicate with mankind is seen in phenomena such as

Mandela Effects

Holographic Universe Theory

The Messiah Erased Event

The Pentagram of Blood

Flat Earth Scientific Observations

These events are all part of the awakening of humanity to the

Computer Universe Theory


Computer Universe Theory

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